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The Focal Point

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Concerts 2014

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We are proud to introduce a new series! In an effort to expand our traditional, close-to-home theme, we have assembled an Old-Time Music Consortium, whose task will be to select the best and most interesting music featuring significant artists in the field. Look for their monthly concerts, and occasionally workshops, marked with *asterisks*!

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July 2014



For over two decades, Brian FitzGerald and Martin McCormack, known as Switchback, have entertained crowds with their unique American Roots ~ Celtic Soul blend of music. Their vocal harmonies are second to none: they will soar and blend, and charm you with their musicianship and warm presence.
$15 in advance; $20 at the door.


July 12
8:00 PM
Ray Bonneville

Ray Bonneville!

Ray Bonneville is a Canadian traveling blues singer, musician, and songwriter. Born in Canada, and raised in the United States, Bonneville is a blues-influenced, song and groove man who is strongly influenced by the music of New Orleans, Louisiana.
$15 in advance; $20 at the door.
NOTE: 7 PM start time for this weekday show!


July 17
7:00 PM
Paul Geremia

Paul Geremia!

Cancelled due to illness. We will re-schedule as soon as possible.

Paul has built a reputation as a first rate bluesman, songwriter, a "scholar" of early jazz and blues, and one of the best country blues fingerpickers ever, on six and twelve-string guitars, harmonica, piano and a husky soulful voice - and with an innate sense of the humour as well as the drama of the music, he keeps traditional blues fresh and alive with his performances.
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.


July 18
8:00 PM
Smith & Grimm

Beverley Smith and John Grimm!

John Grimm and Beverly Smith live in the mountains of North Georgia. Their performances feature traditional country duets and a sprinkling of newer pieces. They choose their songs well, and clearly have spent a great deal of time searching through the archives of rural american folk music. From haunting, archaic banjo and fiddle tunes to raucus hillbilly singing they display an ease that sounds nothing but genuine.
A Friends of Old-Time Music event!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.


July 19
8:00 PM

Brian Curran

Tom Hall

Dave Black


Guitar Showcase, featuring Brian Curran, Tom Hall and Dave Black!

St Louis is rich in master guitarists; here are three of the best! All three of these gentlemen have distinctive styles: raggy, bluesy, honkytonk, ranging into country, swing and Irish tunes. As usually happens in our showcase concerts, these guys will inspire each other to great heights and pulling out little-known gems to delight each other as well as the audience; always big fun!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.





July 26
8:00 PM
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August 2014


Diesel Island!

Diesel Island is St Louis' best Outlaw country band and features Brian Henneman, Kip Loui, Richard Tralles, Carl Pandolfi and Spencer Marquart. The band formed a just-for-fun side project where key members of the Bottle Rockets could relax and play some classic country faves on their own terms. Turns out, their own terms make for some exciting music!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.

August 1
8:00 PM
Dave and Cathy Barton-Para

Dave and Cathy Barton-Para!

Local (Boonville) heroes Cathy and Davegive dynamic performances acclaimed for their variety and expertise in both vocal and instrumental styles. Their repertoire and informal audience rapport are marked by a special affection for traditional music. Longtime favorites here, we've been delighted by these guys for nearly 35 years now-- they are true Missouri treasures!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.

August 2
8:00 PM

The Wire Pilots!

This St. Louis, MO trio plays an eclectic mix of Dan Rubright’s compositions with a couple of covers thrown in from time to time. They improvise over chord changes so they’re comfortable calling it
jazz or fusion, but they also play world influenced music, funk and blues flavored jams and more. There’s a good chance that you will leave their concert with a song stuck in your head and, though that can be annoying if it’s a car dealer jingle, in this case it’s a good thing!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.


August 9
8:00 PM

Thayne Bradford, Bob Breidenbach, and John Jump!

This trio is an abridged version of the first and most memorable progressive bluegrass band in St. Louis, The Road Apples. Bob Breidenbach, dobro player second to none, has over 40 years of
musical wisdom and expertise. John Jump, another original Road Apple, is a guitarist and prolific songwriter who provided most of the original material. Thayne Bradford is a slightly later addition to The Road Apples, joining in’71. His exceptional mandolin and fiddle playing adds great depth and style.
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.

August 15
8:00 PM

Shari Kane and Dave Steele!

As an acoustic blues duo, Shari and Dave throw a four handed guitar party of original and time-honored blues, gospel, swing and ragtime. Steeped in Dave’s smoky vocals, percussive rhythm and innovative lead lines, Shari’s crisp picking style, rootsy leads, and stinging slidework, their music has been
described as “street swing and stomp blues,” - like a testament to sounds once heard on the streets of Harlem, the juke joints of Mississippi, or from the jug bands of Memphis.
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.


August 16,
8:00 PM

The White Mules!

Genuine old-time sounds from a quartet of experts: Andy Gribble, one of the most sought-after stringband guitarists around today, is jopined by Genna Harrison on fiddle, Smith Koester, who delivers rhythm and melody with his oldtime fretless banjo, and Abby Ladin with top-notch bass playing, angelic singing
and occasional dance!
A Friends of Old-Time Music event!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.

August 17
7:00 PM
Bliss Hippy

Bliss Hippy!

This fine group, based in the Missouri Ozarks in Rolla, MO, consists of Rich and Maureen Hall, with various other musicians serving as enablers over the years. Their repertoire consists of
original songs ranging from lovely and inspiring, such as "Anyone who Hears"; to irreverent and silly, such as "SPAM","Road Kill Blues", and "Life's Just Something to Do (while you're drinking beer.)" Come out nd welcome them to their debut at Focal Point!
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.


August 22
8:00 PM

Songbird Cafe!

Songbird presents Singer/Songwriters In The Round ( surrounded by audience) Performing this month are:


You will enjoy a listening experience without the barroom noise!! Doors open at 6:45PM Show starts at 7:30 PM
Makes for a great date night experience!!!
Tickets $12 in advance; $15 at the door.

Advance tickets available a www.songbird-stl.com

Many stories will be told, Many songs will be sung!!!

August 27
7:30 PM

Sadie Hawkins Day!

The Williamson sisters, Dave Black and Dan Higgins deliver a fine mix of folk ballads, banjo songs, & old country standards of love & heartbreak, moonshine & madness, murder& suicide, trucks & trains, & random oddments. Old-school for sure, but don't be surprised to hear them do something from Neil Young or The Band once in a while. Influences: Lovers, laughers, gamblers, fighters, drinkers,
dancers, hobos, jokers, tricksters, organizers, agitators, and ... oh wait, did you mean musical influences? All of 'em. Or none of 'em. All or none.
$10 in advance; $15 at the door.

August 30
8:00 PM
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Coming in September 2014 and beyond:

The Foggy Memory Boys — September 5
Dutch Schultz and friends — September 6
David Gans — September 7
HanaLena — September 12
The Skirtlifters — September 13
Michael Jonathan — September 19
Jake's Leg & Auset Music Project — September 26
Leroy Pierson — September 27
Sarah McQuaid — October 3
Eric Lambert — October 4
Finnegan's Wake — October 10
Brian McNeill —October 11
Red-Headed Strangers —October 17
Amy Lord —October 18
Sins of the Pioneers — October 25
David Davis&the Warrior River Boys — October 31

Tickets: At the door or in advance at:
The Maya Cafe and
First ticket price shown is for sale of advanced tickets, which can be purchased online
for a slight fee (only $1.50) at www.brownpapertickets.com/profile/85789.
Second price shown is for tickets purchased at the door. Doors open 45 min. prior to show.

Tickets go on sale one month prior to the concert unless otherwise noted.
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